Ensuring Customer Quality

100% Repetition of orders is a proof sufficient of our growth. We provide customized solutions, and special attention to all the clients focusing on their each and every technical requirement. Besides, developing commercial engineering solutions for a better tomorrow, we also believe in securing lives and ensuring well being, happiness and health of people. As our commitment to corporate responsibility, we have assisted in the establishment of a number of  memorial trusts, schools and orphanages.

Our Team

Dadhivala Manufacturers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has a team of skilled and experienced professionals possessing in-depth knowledge and expertise in manufacturing, supplying and expoting various types of Galvanizing Plants, Polypropylene Pickling Unit, Scaffolding Galvanizing Plant, Tor Galvanizing Plant and Polypropylene Pickling Tank. Maintaining international standards of quality is our prerogative. The manufacturing process involves various quality checks that test the machines for their efficiency, safety and durability. We continuously provide training sessions and workshops in order to sharpen the production skills of our workforce. We mainly export our high quality products to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai and other regions across the world.


The production machines and equipment are accurately calibrated, efficient and perform what these are designed to as well as well-maintained so as to assure smooth production. The cutting-edge machinery makes possible the manufacturing mechanization and time to time set-up is upgraded, resulting into optimal production process, cost-effective manufacturing and higher productivity.

Our Objectives

Our Assets

Our genuine assets are not just the sophisticated machinery or latest tools that equip our factories. The true assets are our professionally sound personnel who convert opportunities onto reality. Our valuable possession is the housing the competent workforce that contributes immensely to the realization of our dreams.

A Responsible Concern

As being an exponent of preservation of ecological balance and socially accountable, so the group takes several initiative for the protection of earth. Every manufacturing procedure is executed after weighing down the impact on the environment, thereby preferring the Eco-friendly mechanism meanwhile decreasing the level of air and water pollution. Our production process is closely aligned with the principles of our social responsibility like the conservation of energy & water and the wise use of natural resources.

Our Products

We offer technologically advance and cost efficient products, which include:   

Galvanizing is good for structural steel protection, it gives measurable and major benefits:

On Going Projects

Major Clients





M/s Vallabh Steels Ltd. (Punjab)

Plant, Zinc Tank & Chemicals

Vinayak Transco Ltd. (Ghaziabad, U.P)

Plant I.(Structure)

M/s. Kashmir Tube Ltd. (J&K)

Plant & Chemicals

K.L Concast. (Ghaziabad, U.P)


M/s Purshottam Steel Ltd. (Roorkee)

Zinc Tank & Chemicals

Munish Forge Pvt. Ltd. (Ludhiana)

Tank & Plant (Structure)

M/s Nav Bharat Steel Tubes Ltd., (Jaipur)

Chemicals & Zinc Tank

Ambuja Pipe Ltd. (Jaipur)


M/s Samrat Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd. (J&K)

Chemicals & Zinc Tank

BMW Industries Ltd. (Kolkata)

Plant Modified (Structure)13mtrs

M/s Shiv Shakti Tubes Pvt. Ltd. (Jaipur)

Zinc Tank & Chemicals

Baba Strips & Tubes Pvt. Ltd.

Pipe & Structure Plant Combined.

M/s Advance Steel Tubes Ltd. (Ghaziabad)

Zinc Tank & Chemicals

Swastik Structures (Sahibabad, UP)

Structure Plant

M/s Tirupati Structure ( Sahibabad)

Zinc Tank & Chemicals

Mahabeer Steels Rolling Mills (Sahibabad, UP)

GI Plant

M/s Bhagwati Steel Industries (Nepal)

Zinc Tank & Chemicals

Kunal Pipes Pvt. Ltd. (Chattisgarh)

GI Plant

M/s Sidharatha Tubes Ltd. (Indore)


Sheetal Structure Pvt Ltd. ( Gaziabad, UP)

7 Mtrs Structure Plant

M/s S.T.L. Exports (Sarangpur, MP)


J & K Tubes Pvt. Ltd. (Jammu)

7 Mtrs Structure Plant

M/s Asian Tubes Ltd. (Ahemdabad)

Plant Chemicals & Zinc Tank

Keaa Internatitonal. (Ludhiyana)

Scaffolding & Gardning Tools

Spark Pipes Ltd. (Sahibabad)

Zinc Tank

Krishna Iron & Strips Pvt Ltd. (Chatissgarh)

Tube Galvanizing Plant

Jagan Tubes Ltd. (Punjab)

Zinc Tank

Q.S.T (Quality Steel Tubes) Ltd. (Kanpur, UP)

Tube Galvanizing Plant

Universal Tubes and Plastic Ind. Ltd. (Dubai)

Chemical Zinc Tank and Spare

Surya Roshni Ltd. (M.P)

Tube Galvanizing Plant

KHK Scaffolding & Form Work Ltd. (Ajman, U.A.E)

Spare Zinc Tank & Chemical

Conros Steels Pvt Ltd. (Mumbai)

2 - Plant for Romania

2 - Plant for Mumbai

Juma Fadhil Industries Co. Ltd. (Ajman, U.A.E)

Chemical Zinc Tank and Spare

Apollo Tubes ( Mauritius)

Tank & accessories

Hi Tech Pipes Ltd. (Sekandrabad, U.P. )

Plant Chemical & Zinc Tank


13 Mtr High Mast Pole Structure and Wind Mill

Hi Tech Pipes Ltd., (Sekandrabad, U.P. )

Tank Chemical

Apollo Tube Ltd. (Africa)

Tube Galvanizing Plant

M/s. Bhawani Industries Ltd. (Punjab)

Plant & Chemical

BMW Industries Ltd. (Jamshedpur)

Tube Galvanizing Plant

Laxmi Metal Udhyog Ltd. (Banglore)


M/s Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd. (Orissa)

Tube Galvanizing Plant

Sadha Shiv Structure (Punjab)

Zinc Tank & Spare

A.H Alsonidar (Yemen)

Complete Galvanizing Plant

M/s Jagan Tubes. Ltd.

Zinc Tank & Spare

Hutch India Private Ltd. (Surat)

Tube GI Plant - Completed

M/s Rawal Wasia Steel Plant

Plant & Spare

M/s Bhushan Power & Steels Ltd. (Orissa)

Repeat Order for IV Consecutive Plant Completed

M/s Jadia Pipes Ltd.

Zinc Tank & Spare

United Metal Galvanizing Services LLC (Muscat)

Zinc Kettle (L-8 Mtr, D-3 Mtr, W-1.2) & furnace

Garg Tubes L.T.D, ( Ghaziabad)

Plant, Zinc Tank & Spares

Jindal Industries Pvt. Limited (Haryana)

Zinc kettles - 6 no.

M/s Hunt Technology Ltd. (Ukraine)


National Tubes Ltd. (Bangladesh)

Zinc Kettle – 2 no.

M/s H.M. Steel Ltd. (H.P)


Al Khaleez Steel Industries Llc (ABU Dhabi, Uae)

Zinc Kettle – 2 no.

Vishal Pipes Ltd. (Sikandrabad, U.P.)

Tank & Spare

  • Galvanizing Plants Turnkey Projects
  • Tube Galvanizing Plant
  • Structure Galvanizing Plant
  • High Mast Pole Galvanizing Plant
  • Tor Galvanizing Plant
  • Scaffolding Galvanizing Plant
  • ETP Plant
  • Zink Kettle
  • Polypropylene Pickling Unit & Tank
  • Acid Fume Suction
  • All Spares of Galvanizing Plants

Khk Scaffoldings & Formwork Llc ( Ajman, Uae)

Zinc Kettle

M/s Aaren Export ( Jalandhar)

Heavy Structure & Tube Plant

Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd. (Orissa)

Cable Tap GI Plant

M/s Bhawani Industries Ltd. (Punjab)

Structure & Pipe Galvanizing Plant

Surya Global Steel Tubes Ltd (Gujarat & A.P)

Tube Galvanizing Plant

M/s Conros Steels Pvt. Ltd. ( Mumbai)

Galvanizing Plant

Swastik Pipe Ltd. (Delhi & A.P)

Modification of Tube GI plant

Super Gold Pipe Pvt. Ltd. (Haryana)

Galvanizing Plant

Janak Steel Tube (Haryana)

Complete Tube Galvanizing Line

Saravariya Pipes (P) Ltd. (Hyderabad)


Hulas Wire Industries Limited (Nepal)

2 Zinc Kettle

M/s G.C. Strips Ltd. (Punjab)


Jagdabma Steel pvt ltd (Nepal)

Zinc Kettle

Nidhi Pipe Ltd. (Punjab)


JAL International LLC. ( Muscat)

Zinc kettle 12 mtr long 2 mtr deep & complete furnace

Sarvpriye Pipe Pvt. Ltd. (Punjab)


RK Steel Industries (Chennai)

Complete Tube Gal Plant

British Scalf Holding Ltd, (Haridwar, Uttranchal)


Good Luck Steel Pvt Ltd.

Complete Tube Gal Plant

M/s H.M. Steel Ltd. (H.P)

Plant (II)

Surya Roshini Ltd. (A.P)

Complete tube GI – II repeat order

M/s Sun Industries (Nepal)

Plant (II)

Bonn Metal Industries LLC ( Sharjah, U.A.E)

Complete Structure Gi Plant

Paragon Innovaders Infrastructures & Devlopers Pvt Ltd. ( Sonipat)

Plant I (Heavy Structure)

Harso Steel Pipes. ( Sahibabad, UP)

GI Plant

Masteq Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( Rajasthan)

High Mast Pole GI Plant (Structure)13 mtrs