Tube Galvanizing Plant
Tube Galvanizing Plant is basically used for producing hydraulic pipes with galvanized surface. The offered plant is well equipped with advanced machinery to produce bulk amount of tubes a minimal project cost. Environment friendly production technique, energy efficient operation and minimal downtime are the key features of this plant.
Structure Galvanizing Plant
Structure Galvanizing Plant is used for surface galvanization of stainless steel or carbon steel components. Automatic operation, homogeneous surface finishing, precise coating of hard to reach area of components and low project cost are its main attributes. All the procedures of this plant are executed as per industry standards.
High Mast Pole Galvanizing Plant
This High Mast Pole Galvanizing Plant is used for surface treatment of electrical poles. The advanced surface galvanizing technique of this plant ensures long working life and high durability of poles. Latest equipments are used in this plant to improve strength and performance of lighting poles.
Polypropylene Pickling Unit
This Polypropylene Pickling Unit is used for removing scaling from the surface of hot rolled metal components. Provided plant is reckoned for its high pickling performance, application of precisely sealed pickling tanks, advanced stain protected rinse system and latest acid concentration regulating section.
Scaffolding Galvanizing Plant
This ergonomically developed Scaffolding Galvanizing Plant is used to cleanse scaffolding items prior to their surface galvanizing work. This plant consists of flux tank, rinsing tank and acid tank. Scaffolding products are cleaned in this plant by using the solution of zinc ammonium chloride.
Zinc Kettle and Tank
This Zinc Kettle and Tank, also known as a galvanized kettle, is used to immerse steel or iron work components in a hot molten form of zinc at an extremely high temperature. This kettle's welded frame is built of ordinary low carbon steel. This is very cost effective to use. 
Acid Fume Suction
The offered Acid Fume Suction unit has wide application in various types of pickling plants and surface treatment plants. This suction unit is instrumental in drawing harmful fumes produced inside pickling and surface treatment plants in order to check their spreading inside production units.
Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant
Install hot dip galvanizing plant in your factory to carry out hot-dip galvanization process whose purpose is to coat a layer of metal alloys blend onto the surface of base metal to improve properties.
Quenching Tank
Once the heat treatment process is completed, parts are needed to be cooled in water, oil or polymer substance. For the cooling process, quenching tank is used.
Galvanizing Plants Spare Parts
These meticulously developed Galvanizing Plants Spare Parts are used for replacing defective components of galvanizing plant. Advanced technology has been used to design these spare parts. Convenient to install, these spare accessories are preferred for their long working life and low maintenance cost.